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Based in Western North Carolina and compelled by the power of self-expression and strong production values, the Back Porch Creative Company is committed to the craft of collaboration.


Through our fierce dedication to concept and process, we support creators of all stripes in making their work as impactful and sustainable as possible.

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Back Porch Creative Co. provides seamless support from the page to the stage and beyond using tried and true creative processes, digital + analog tools, and cognitive science to take your efforts to the next level.

Engage every aspect of your work with a creative touch and deft hand without losing focus on the big picture or doing it all yourself.

Step away from the dread and overwhelm and fall in love with your work every day by fully integrating your values with your concept, process, and presentation.

It's totally possible, and it can happen faster than you think.

Imagine easily sharing your work in any context,


feeling truly confident in your visual strategy,


& intuitively dialing in each piece of your process.

Schedule a consultation below and find out just how easy it can be to begin the transformation

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Back Porch


Secret Sauce

Engage the power of curiosity and cognitive behavioural science to cultivate the mindset & lifestyle needed to reach your goals.

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Insight On Demand

Avail yourself of our expertise & experience to take your project to the next level without hiking the learning curve on your own time.

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Production Power

Whether designing a website or reinforcing live sound, your work deserves a foundation that allows it to speak for itself.

Milly Parker

Founder, Director of Back Porch Creative Co.

With over two decades studying, performing, and mixing live acoustic music, and over 15 years working in stage production and concept development under my belt, I have the pleasure of supporting my clients with a breadth and depth of knowledge in visual strategy and the performing arts.


My creative processes lay the groundwork for rigorous collaborative experiences rooted in curiosity; drawing on lessons learned as a lifelong musician, student of stagecraft & design, as well as through the practical refinement that comes with running and promoting hundreds of live shows.


Back Porch

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